A Warm Welcome To 2012

Happy New Year, Everyone!


I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve. Things were quiet here of course – literally and figuratively, haha…But I was thankful and happy to be with the family this holiday season regardless.


2011 was easily the most difficult year I’ve ever endured. Yet for all the setbacks me and my family have endured, it’s humbling to have the support of so many people across the country and even the world. So many of you came forward during my effort to fund the release of Every Little Thing, and the Kickstarter effort was successful. Thanks to those people, the record will be released early this year, despite the unforeseen setbacks I’ve encountered since the campaign wrapped up. To have that level of interest and support in what I do is ridiculous, but I’m grateful nonetheless. I hope my music finds a place in your heart, as you all have in mine.


One of the greatest things about my job is being able to meet so many different people with such varied expereiences. As I’ve experienced a few misfortunes this year (few of which I’ve publically shared, though you’re all aware of my voice issues and the fallout from that), I’ve thought about all of the people I’ve met and been able to talk with and share experiences.


I’ve met sick children, disabled men and women (some of whom in service to our country), veterans who’ve lost families to the time they’ve sacrificed overseas. Others that have been disaffected or lonely in this great big world that we’re all so jacked into. People that have suffered through troubles that, in many cases, have made the weak or small strong and great; experiences that have at least led me to a greater respect and appreciation of my place in this whole big mess of a world.


No matter what, I’ve gained strength and courage from you all. And I wish you all the blessings of grace, happiness, and love as we move into this new year. My family and myself thank you and the hundreds of people who’ve touched our lives over the past year. Make the most of every minute, my friends.


And I’ll see you all again very soon.





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