Feature Song “This Is Your Life”

“Every Little Thing” Release Date March 6, 2012

“Goodnight Song” Preview Clip Streaming

Check out the streaming preview clip from “Goodnight Song” on SoundCloud! This is the final mix from the upcoming CD. Previously, “Goodnight Song” was streaming and a video was released that was a music/karaoke backing track. The final CD version is me and the Jeremey Frederick Band (Vic Rivera, Eric Ragno) – LOL – performing the song.

“Stay” 2012 Acoustic Mix | Free Download

I just made the acoustic version of “Stay” available for a free download on Soundcloud. You can download it directly from the player above or from the Soundcloud site as well!

New Media Page Added

If you have been looking for one spot to go to for Jeremey Frederick tunes, downloads, and videos, please bookmark the new “Media” page just added! Here you can download full versions of unreleased tracks as well as view and link to official videos from my YouTube channel. The new page also has a comment section for remarks about the songs and videos. Feel free to link to the new page on your social media sites as well!

Welcome To The New Site

Greetings everyone! I’m currently in the process of a site redesign. Right now I’ve just uploaded this new home page, but as the CD release date gets closer, I’ll also be adding pages including lyrics, video and audio streaming, and photos from the road. I’d say take a look around, but for now, this is all I have, haha! So feel free to share the link with friends and I’ll keep everyone posted as things develop.

A Warm Welcome To 2012

Happy New Year, Everyone!


I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year’s Eve. Things were quiet here of course – literally and figuratively, haha…But I was thankful and happy to be with the family this holiday season regardless.


2011 was easily the most difficult year I’ve ever endured. Yet for all the setbacks me and my family have endured, it’s humbling to have the support of so many people across the country and even the world. So many of you came forward during my effort to fund the release of Every Little Thing, and the Kickstarter effort was successful. Thanks to those people, the record will be released early this year, despite the unforeseen setbacks I’ve encountered since the campaign wrapped up. To have that level of interest and support in what I do is ridiculous, but I’m grateful nonetheless. I hope my music finds a place in your heart, as you all have in mine.


One of the greatest things about my job is being able to meet so many different people with such varied expereiences. As I’ve experienced a few misfortunes this year (few of which I’ve publically shared, though you’re all aware of my voice issues and the fallout from that), I’ve thought about all of the people I’ve met and been able to talk with and share experiences.


I’ve met sick children, disabled men and women (some of whom in service to our country), veterans who’ve lost families to the time they’ve sacrificed overseas. Others that have been disaffected or lonely in this great big world that we’re all so jacked into. People that have suffered through troubles that, in many cases, have made the weak or small strong and great; experiences that have at least led me to a greater respect and appreciation of my place in this whole big mess of a world.


No matter what, I’ve gained strength and courage from you all. And I wish you all the blessings of grace, happiness, and love as we move into this new year. My family and myself thank you and the hundreds of people who’ve touched our lives over the past year. Make the most of every minute, my friends.


And I’ll see you all again very soon.





CD Release Info And Surgery Update

Greetings everyone!


I hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. As you can tell by my page, things have been relatively quiet here lately, but behind the scenes things have indeed been quite busy. I wanted to get everyone a little update on my health and the release status of the CD.




First, as most of you are aware, I will be going into surgery next Tuesday at Duke University Hospital to have a polyp removed from my right vocal cord. It’s a long and nasty story, but the short of it is, I was not giving myself proper rest earlier this year when I had a voice injury, and it just did not heal. As a result, I’ve had to cancel shows these past couple of months, and when it was clear it wasn’t going to fix itself, I had no choice but to schedule this surgery.




It’s a very common procedure, and the prognosis for 100% recovery is excellent. The bad news is I will be on voice rest for at least 6-8 weeks, and I will be unable to even speak for at least two weeks.




Additionally, my engineer in New York has recently taken a new full time job and his availability to mix has shrunk down to just a few hours a week. We’ve only had three songs left to mix for the past month or so, but it has been nearly impossible to try to get a quality, finished product done in the time he has available, and meet the deadline of releasing the CD digitally on 12/20.




So the lack of time available to dedicate to properly finishing the job, combined with my total inability to promote the release later this month, has made it necessary to delay the release of “Every Little Thing” to coincide with my return to the road early next February. The very last thing that I want to do is release a CD that has a couple of rushed and incomplete songs, while being totally unable to promote it, sell it at shows, do interviews or anything for another month and a half after it’s release. That would absolutely be flushing a year and a half’s worth of my life down the toilet.




The songs on this CD deserve to be heard, and heard in the best state possible. I know, as I’ve been listening to the entire CD in demo form for the past two weeks now, and I WISH I could release it tomorrow in it’s finished state. To say I’m proud of how it’s turned out would be a huge understatement, and the last thing I want is for this work to be denied the attention and promotion it deserves. It’s also much different and much improved over the demos I shared with my Kickstarter buddies a couple months ago. When you get this CD, it will be fresh and new and it will not be something you guys have knocked around with for the past several months. I really, really think you guys are going to enjoy it.




So next week I’m going in for throat surgery, and I’ll be down for at least a few weeks, then on voice rest until February. I won’t be able to work, I won’t be able to sing. But I will keep everyone posted and be working extra hard behind the scenes to give “Every Litte Thing” the reception it deserves.




Additionally, I won’t be working – I won’t have any income, and as the sole household source of money in a family with two toddlers running around the house, I’ll be doing whatever I can to make ends meet between now and February. I may release one more single in the meantime, and I may expand on swag and merchandise in this time frame to try to make a few extra bucks as well. If I come out flogging some new tee shirt or single, I’d sure appreciate the support and promotion you guys are great at doing.




I cannot thank everyone enough for the support and well wishes over the past month or so. This has not been an easy decision – having the surgery done, or delaying the release of the CD. The delay in the CD release was especially difficult, being so close to having it finished, and knowing the anticipation that everyone has shown. But I know it’s the right thing to do, and I hope that everyone feels that it was worth the wait.




Best to you all,




CD Cover Released, Release Date Details

Happy Monday everyone!
Finished the CD artwork over the past weekend and wanted to share. I’ve also discussed the final production schedule with engineer Vic Rivera this weekend, and the release schedule is currently to release the CD on iTunes as a digital download on December 20th, 2011. Kickstarters will also get their advance download on Friday December 16th. The physical CD will be released to CD Baby and Amazon on Tuesday January 17, 2012. This will allow for any delays possibly encountered during the holiday season for the CD duplicators and make sure that I don’t have to adjust the release date for any reason after that. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the final finished, mixed and mastered product! I’ve also finalized the track listing, which will now include a cover song of Tears For Fears’ hit “Goodnight Song,” originally recorded by Tears For Fears on their 1993 release, “Elemental.” The video for the demo of “Goodnight Song” can now be seen on YouTube, and has been released to Class X Radio as well.


The final track listing is as follows:

Can’t You See He’s Gone/Every Little Thing/I Think I Know/Lotus/Stay/What Can I Do/Hoping For You/Goodnight Song/Prelude (Jeremiah 1:5)/This Is Your Life


“Stay” Video Now on YouTube

“Stay” Released to Class X FM Radio

ClassX Radio in the Cincinnati OH market has added “Stay” to their rotation as of this afternoon.

ClassX is an independent terrestrial and internet radio station broadcasting on several frequencies in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky markets. It’s playlist is full of the kind of bands that are still making great melodic rock and roll music, and I’m honored to have a seat at the table with them. ClassX was recently voted “Best Radio Station in Cincinnati” by the readers of CityBeat Magazine, so there’s real people on the ground there tuning in and making things happen!

The rotation and charts of ClassX are based heavily on listener request, so feel free to make a request for “Stay” at and help the tune climb up the charts.

You can listen to ClassX at or if you are in the Cincinnati area you can make a request directly to the studio at (513) 201-8891.

Listeners in the area can tune into ClassX at the following stations:

WMWX, 88.9 FM, Miamitown, OH
WKCX, 89.1 FM, Crittenden, KY
WYNS, 89.3 FM, Waynesville, OH